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Children’s Director – Ashley Walker

img_7423I’m just a small town girl, raised in the community of Umpire, Arkansas (no, it’s not by home plate). I am an only child who was blessed to grow up in a Christian home where God gave me loving and believing parents. I grew up actively going to church and through my parents’ witness and hearing about God’s love for me, I was invited to be a part of His family forever at the age of twelve.

I have always been attracted to forms that allow self-expression. I studied art in high school and as I grew so did my confidence, which led me to my decision to major in art throughout college. I attended Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas where I studied graphic design and sought to further and deepen my relationship with Christ through my art.

My husband, Clint and I are blessed with two precious and adored daughters who bring a tremendous amount of joy and laughter to our lives – two (of many) daily reminders of God’s grace and His unfailing love for us. It wasn’t until after having children of my own that the Lord led me to children’s ministry. I was/am humbled by this amazing opportunity to tell kids how much Jesus loves them and help them grow in His truth. God’s gracious refining work continues in this season of my life, as He encourages me in everything to give thanks (I Thes. 5:18).

I’m a God-chasing, redeemed sinner who loves sweet tea and believes in the power of prayer. I’m also a domestic engineer who enjoys Bible journaling and cooking. I love to run, hike and ride 4-wheelers on back roads. I believe that y’all is a proper pronoun. Fall is my favorite. I believe in smilin’ big and laughin’ louder. I’m terrible at math. I enjoy sitting on my porch swing listening to cricket concerts. Lover of life and all things Paisley and Avery.